What Is SocialBot?

Our platform makes creating, managing, and monitoring automotive inventory ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google easy.

SocialBot automates the process of creating and managing Facebook, Instagram, and Google inventory car ads and provides you with real-time reports to see how the campaigns are performing for each dealer campaign.

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Facebook Catalog Feed

We pull and update content directly from a car dealer website directly to Facebook segmented by body style for quick carousel ad creation.

Ad Creation Automation

Set a monthly budget and let our system automatically build ads, optimize spend, inventory placement, and updates across multiple ad-sets for VDP traffic, lead ads, or retargeting.

Multiple Target Options

SocialBot can provide Oracle premium in-market body style segmentation or leverage 600 different targeting options or utilize Facebook off-site (pixel) targeting options for ad placement.

Agency Whitelabel

Place ads from your own Facebook Ad Account and see all data and reporting available inside Facebook.  SocialBot also provides branded weekly email reports, dashboard data, and custom reports in Google Analytics.


Facebook Catalog Feed

Facebook and Instagram Catalog Feeds For Carousel Ads. We populate the Facebook catalog feed and auto-segment by body style so you can create your own collection of ads on the fly.


Automated VPD Traffic Ads

Targeted In-Market Ads Segmented by body style of interest. Set a monthly budget and we'll create the ads automatically and shift spend and content displayed between ads based on performance.


Automated Retargeting Ads

Get people who have already engaged your dealership website to come back with Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads. In combination with a Facebook pixel, we can target buyers back to cars of interest segmented by body style.


Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel Support

SocialBot can help with your reporting metrics to measure success. Socialbot provides assistance with ready-made custom reporting metrics to help you evaluate our performance compared to other paid ad sources.

White-Label Solution for Digital Ad Agencies

Sure, we could stop at just providing automation for car ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google but we do so much more.

We provide automated weekly email reports that show you how each location is doing in terms of CPC, reach, and impressions segmented by body-style.  We put your logos and copy in the emails themselves and send them to whomever you designate at your agency.

We configure the tools to run from within your own Facebook ad account and only pay us for use of the tool.  You get all the analytics provided within the Facebook reporting and you can see the ad placement yourself whenever you want.  Our goal is to be completely transparent and give you the best tools in the industry to manage car dealer inventory ads.

We also provide a custom dashboard on Socialbot that allows you to filter performance in a daily, weekly, or monthly manner.  Our interface is a simple way to see how your ads are performing and see how the balance of spend is going segmented by body style.

We don’t just create automated feeds and ads but we also provide support and have several pre-built custom metrics and triggers.  SocialBot can help configure Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and the Facebook pixel to make sure you can not only see how well we’re doing but we also have reporting so you can evaluate us versus ALL paid traffic sources.  Our goal is to provide complete transparency not just pick and cherry pick metrics.

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